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Ethnic voters and election promises

March 29, 2011.

The campaign has begun. The lawn signs are out, the politicians are on the roll crisscrossing the country, the political offices are abuzz with party stalwarts, student activists and loyal seniors at the front offices.

Jason Kenney, Conservative candidate and former Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism engaged the cultural media March 28, 2011 on the telephone to explain the proposal of the Tories concerning the family tax credit of $1300 each for working spouses.

Jason Kenney, I will describe as the most charismatic cabinet politician I have met in Canada. He came on the phone introduced himself and made it be known that he was on the national teleconference as a Conservative Party candidate speaking on behalf of the Conservative campaign.

The reception of the teleconference was not at its technical best judging by the distortions and noises on the phone during the conference. It was not moderated either. This however could be judged a plus. The low quality of the technical aspects of the conference could buttress the fact that the minister was not using any resource of the federal government for campaigning. Past teleconferences were moderated with superior phone quality. Remember he got into trouble recently for using a letter heading to solicit donations for campaign advertisements in the ethnic media.

He apologized a few times for the not so perfect technical quality of the teleconference. He was able to recognize some familiar names of reporters yelling their questions into the phone. It was more of whose voice has more decibels. He gave courtesy to a female reporter whose voice was drowned by the baritone and loud voice of a male reporter.

The handling of the teleconference demonstrated his familiarity and confidence in dealing with reporters in the cultural media. Mr. Kenney promised to get the technical issues resolved next time around.

Jason Kenney is fast building a followership in the cultural media and amongst its listeners and readers. As usual the questions were very informative and addressed the concerns of new Canadians. He touched on the issue of unscrupulous immigration consultants taking advantage of those wishing to come to Canada. He also addressed the concerns of those who have been jilted by fake spouses who bailed out on them on arrival in Canada. He promised to make very important announcements during the campaign to address various issues affecting new Canadians. He reminded the reporters that all the issues would be taken headlong if the Conservatives return to Ottawa.

As the election gathers steam, many promises will be made to the electorate. We hope the cultural media is taking stock of the promises made by all the parties to new Canadians.

The teleconference made a cherry afternoon. Jason Kenney again demonstrated his belief in the growing powers of the cultural media. I see him as a future leader of the Conservative Party. If I were to give him an award, I will crown him the Guru of Ethnic Voting.

(Edward Akinwunmi, Mosaic Edition.)

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