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Niagara Region Transit

September 16, 2011

Commuting between regional municipalities in Niagara Region is being improved with the launch of Niagara Region Transit. The new service aims to enhance transportation connection between municipalities and between existing transport services offering alternatives to travelers throughout the region. “With hourly service running between Monday and Saturday, Niagara Region Transit offer a dependable commuting, " said Regional Chair Garry Burroughs at the official launch of the service.

“Affordability is also a priority for a single introductory fare of $5.00 Niagara Region Transit will take you within municipalities allowing riders to not only use Niagara Regional Transit but also local transit connections offered by St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara falls local transit systems,” he said.

The riders only pay once at the time of boarding not each time they get on each different bus. Regional Councilor Tim Rigby said it would benefit residents of the region without regular access to a vehicle.

“For seniors and people with disabilities, the Niagara Region Transit offers access to major shopping and health related centres either through direct stops on the routes such as the Pen Centre in St. Catharines or the Seaway Mall in Welland or easy connections with local transit systems.

Members of the accessibility committee of the board were included in the design of the Niagara Region Transit pilot program with a view to addressing accessibility issues.

For those unemployed the Niagara Regional Transit offers an opportunity to access job markets that extend to many Niagara communities. It will help tourists and visitors to the area with an affordable way to see more of Niagara through connections with local transport operators.

Vance Badaway, Mayor of Port Colborne in an interview with Mosaic Edition stated that the Niagara Region Transit would help those who come in from outside Port Colborne to access various amenities.

Niagara Transit

Niagara Transit


Story and photo by Edward Akinwunmi

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