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About Us

The Mosaic Edition is happy to bring its unique reporting of multicultural news on-line. We thank our readers and advertisers who have stayed with us through thick and thin to get to this stage. For those coming in contact with us for the first time the newspaper started publishing in May 2006.

It was established out of passion for reporting on culture, desire to inform on the unique stories of Canada’s multiculturalism, a belief in the strength and contribution of immigrants and a love for understanding Canada’s mosaic community through adequate information and education.

We report on all communities as proven by our record since inception. We have done these so far through the flagship print publication and we are excited to deliver the same product on-line to a larger audience.

The newspaper’s mission statement is ‘Nurture cultural diversity through information, promote dignity and respect through education’. The newspaper is distributed in the Niagara region, Hamilton, parts of the GTA and Toronto. The newspaper is involved in the community through various activities.

The Mosaic Edition held its first multicultural exhibition at the Lundy’s Lane Museum of History, Niagara Falls in summer of 2007. It also sponsored the Niagara Folk Arts Festival in 2007 as a media sponsor. The newspaper sponsors the Annual Black History Month Dinner Dance in the Niagara region. We take seriously the civic duty of voting.

We are apolitical and do not have any affiliation to a political party. We will give coverage to issues affecting our goals and objectives and elicit information through stories and interviews from elected leaders on issues affecting Canada’s multiculturalism, immigration, settlement and integration as well as arts and culture.

In the print version of the newspaper we have had the opportunity of interviewing elected leaders on the stated issues at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. We hope to continue in this direction.

The Mosaic Edition held its first parliamentary debate and town forum during the 40th Parliamentary Election 2008. The forum was aimed at educating the public on the platform of political parties on multiculturalism, immigration, integration and settlement. The newspaper hopes to hold future debates on issues affecting the community.

As part of the community outreach program of the newspaper, I was a guest speaker at various community events. The speaking engagements include an address to newcomers at the Welland CAIPS Café, ‘The newcomer experience’ at the Enhanced Language and Training Certificate program - Niagara College (NOTL), address to students at the Niagara College - Social Worker program, speaker at the Lifetime Learning Centre, speaker at the conference on Transforming Niagara through Culture and guest speaker at the CERIS workshop on ‘The Role of Secondary Cities’ hosted by the University of Guelph.

I sat on various committees as volunteer. These include the Niagara Integrated Social and Community Planning Community Reference Group and the Niagara region Quality Council.

The Mosaic Edition has informed and educated newcomers on the challenges, barriers and resources available to make settlement easier in Canada. It has also educated its readers on the unique history of Niagara region. The newspaper gives coverage to various cultural, ethnic and religious celebrations.

The Mosaic Edition is privately funded and distributed free to members of the community. It derives its resources from advertising. The editorial policy is independent in order to maintain a fair, balanced and accurate reporting. We want to emphasize to our readers that the newspaper has no affiliation to any ethnic group, religious body and political party.

The newspaper adheres to strict journalism standard. The newspaper welcomes the contribution of columnists whose opinions do not necessarily agree with our editorial policy. It reserves the right not to publish any material that is abusive, offensive, profane, incite full and lurid.

The newspaper is approved under the Government of Canada (GC) media cost guide for Ethnic Publications. We would be glad to carry advertisements directly targeting our niche market.

The print publication will continue to stay in operation. It is our flagship. The electronic publication will see major expansion in the coming year. We thank our advertisers for believing in our efforts. We hope they will continue to patronize our business. Advertising with us will get your message to the niche market. It will in addition allow the documentation of the stories of those who might not have gained the attention of the mainstream media.

(Edward Akinwunmi, Editor –Mosaic Edition)

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