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Caregivers want landed status on arrival

March 19, 2011. Posted April 9, 2011

Caregivers deserve to be landed from day one, says the Member of Parliament for Welland in the 40th House of Commons, Malcolm Allen. He was speaking to Mosaic Edition at a town forum in St. Catharines organized by Caregivers Niagara. Malcolm Allen, Irish born, said his party will push for the enactment of parts of the immigration committee report which recommended landed status for caregivers upon arrival.

“What we will do is to pressure the government to make sure that they enact that part of the report which states that when they come to this country they will get residency status on day one.” “What is needed is that they need to have a residency requirement built into their contract so that when they come they can automatically be resident,” noted Malcolm Allen. “It is going to be a hard fight, it is not gong to be easy.” “With the pressure that is coming forward and with these folks who are about to be permanent residents and then citizens they will remember how they were treated when they first started,” said Malcolm Allen.

“They are not going to stop the fight when they become permanent residents or citizens.” “This is about a fairness issue. I got a residency as a gift. My dad got a residency on day one in the 60s because they asked him to come and build ships." “We are asking these folks to look after the most vulnerable part of our society, our children, and in some cases our grand parents and elderly parents.” “How much more value can they give to the society. They are an integral part, they are going to stay with us permanently and we ought to treat them like permanent residents from day one.”

Rafael Fabregas, immigration attorney and speaker at the town forum said of granting the caregivers landed status “Fundamentally, it is the right position and the right way to fix the program.” “We are continuing the town hall meeting at many places as possible scheduling one town hall per month. We are building the consensus from the grassroots and approach our politicians and our leaders in the community and hopefully bring this to the parliament,” said Rafael Fabregas.

There are over 30,00 caregivers in Canada not landed.

Jocelyn Tomas, Chairman Caregivers Niagara said the event was a success as the speakers provided them with useful information to help guide them achieve their objective.

Bev Hodgson, Liberal Party candidate, Niagara Falls was at the event to declare her support for landing of caregivers upon arrival.

(Story and photos by Edward Akinwunmi)