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Francisco La Tipica Hispana was founded in the year 2001, in the city of Medellin – Colombia by Francisco Javier Velasquez V. Francisco Velasquez is a highly experienced veteran who has performed with big Latin bands nationally and internationally.

Some of the bands he played for include Los Graduados with Crazy Gustavo Quintero and Ivan Serna, Rodolfo Aicardi and His Hispanic Concert, La Typical RA7, Afrosound, La Sonora, Dinamita, Fruko and Jamine Ley.

Francisco launched the band in the province of Ontario in 2008 shortly on arrival in Canada. The band performs at cultural festivals and private social events. The Mosaic Edition had been able to witness the powerful rendition of Latin beat by La Tipica Hispana at concerts and folk arts events.

The band has a powerful percussion mixed with the piercing trumpet of Cuban born Reivier. The former trumpet teacher mesmerizes the audience with his dexterity at the instrument.

La Tipica Hispana is made up of highly skilled and professional musicians who enjoy serving the exotic salsa of Latin America to Canadians. The band is the number one Latin Band in Southern Ontario. A member of the group told Mosaic Edition the band is ready to go nationwide.

(Story and photos by Edward Akinwunmi)

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